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How does tube diffuser work in sewage at different concentrations?


How does tube diffuser work in sewage at different concentrations?

Tube diffuser is a type of aerator that is mainly used for oxygenation of urban sewage and industrial wastewater. Tube diffuser with outstanding chemical properties, such as working in different concentrations of sewage? The small bubble diameter can not only adhere to the high oxygen conversion rate, but also achieve the role of mixing and stirring. Next, let's briefly understand the work of the down tube diffuser:
1. The method of using tube diffuser in low-concentration sewage is the aerobic method. The aerobic microorganisms in activated sludge must have oxygen to function. In the aeration tank of the sewage treatment biochemical system, the oxygenation power is positively correlated with the growth of aerobic microorganisms. The supply of dissolved oxygen should be considered based on the number of aerobic microorganisms, physiological characteristics, matrix properties and concentration. In this way, the activated sludge is in a better environment for degrading organic matter.
2, the use of tubular aerator in the treatment of sludge and higher concentration of sewage is anaerobic method. It is an artificial strengthening method for self-purification of water bodies, a method for removing organic matter in sewage by relying on the main body of activated sludge mission. It is advisable to maintain the dissolved oxygen in the aeration tank at 34 mg / L. If the oxygen supply is insufficient, the function of activated sludge will be poor, which will cause the waste water disposal effect to drop. To ensure a satisfactory oxygen supply, it is necessary to follow a storage aerator.
3. The tube type aerator is a non-blocking type, which has both active cleaning and avoiding the backflow of sewage. When the blower pauses the air supply, the film will be shortened and closed immediately, and the sewage will never seep into the aeration pipe. When the blower restarts, the film releases air bubbles, which will cause the adhered sludge bombs due to its elastic characteristics This repair-free feature is the best choice for activated sludge construction, which greatly reduces the cost of operation and repair.
The above work on the tubular aerator in sewage in different concentrations is introduced here, I hope it will be helpful to you.