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Do you need to clean the aerator?


Do you need to clean the aerator?

In sewage treatment, people pay attention to the use of treatment equipment, so they also pay attention to the efficiency of these equipments. In the process of sewage treatment, many users pay attention to the use of aerators. This is because of this equipment The technology used during the planning and manufacturing is very advanced and can reach a high treatment effect, so after the launch of the aeration equipment, it has been recognized by many users, but it also needs to pay attention to cleaning and maintenance when using the equipment for sewage treatment. The following small This article briefly introduces the cleaning and maintenance methods for the equipment.
Usually during the use of the aerator, as the equipment is continuously added, a lot of impurities will be accumulated during the treatment of sewage, and these impurities will also contain a lot of calcium elements. Such materials will block up when they are accumulated in the equipment. For a long time, the equipment will malfunction, and it will also affect the sewage treatment. Therefore, the staff needs to clean the aeration equipment at intervals. Before cleaning, the water in the pool must be cleaned, and then the aeration equipment is disassembled according to standard procedures, and then the equipment is cleaned.
In order to ensure the efficiency of the aerator, many people choose special reagents when cleaning the equipment. Generally, they can choose to use the formic acid reagent to clean the equipment. Because the formic acid substance does not affect the equipment's working efficiency, It can clean the impurities more thoroughly, so some reagents can be used in cleaning and maintenance.
While cleaning the aerator, it is also necessary to inspect the components of the equipment, and find that the damage can be replaced in time.
The editor about cleaning of the aerator during use is introduced here. I hope it will be helpful to everyone!