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Work Mode and Product Advantage of Liftable Aerator


Work Mode and Product Advantage of Liftable Aerator

Operation mode:
When the gas enters the branch pipe from the main intake pipe, there are many small holes on the wall of the lifting aerator. Under the action of air pressure, the micro-holes on the aeration pipe membrane are opened, and then diffused from the holes in the pipe wall for uniform aeration. When the air supply stops, under the action of water pressure, the micro-holes on the aeration pipe membrane are exposed. The closure of the hole effectively prevents the blockage of the aeration pipe.
Product advantages:
1. The liftable aerator can directly raise the aerator to the water surface, thoroughly clean and maintain the aeration system in a new state, thereby reducing fan losses, maintaining high power efficiency and reducing operating costs.
2. Uniform aeration, small bubbles, high oxygen utilization rate and high power efficiency;
3. It has good flow velocity, flow pattern, low resistance and low energy consumption.
4. Reasonable structure, simple installation, using 304 stainless steel as support, long service life;
5. Installation is convenient, water or water can be installed in the pool, no configuration is needed in the pool, if long-term aeration needs maintenance, it can be freely upgraded and maintained, no need to drain water, no need to shut down the fan, and it does not affect the normal operation;
6. No air purification, no backwashing, no vent valve, more convenient management;
7. All kinds of aerators fixed at the bottom of the pool can be directly transformed into lifting aerators under the condition that the original intake pipeline remains unchanged.