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1. Responsible for developing market channels and sales of products, and implementing and completing company's annual sales target.
2. According to the company's marketing strategy, enhance brand value, control the cost, expand the sales of products in the responsible region, actively complete the sales target, and expand the market share of products;
3. Keep good communication with customers and grasp their needs in real time. To provide customers with initiative, enthusiasm, satisfaction, thoughtful service
4. Independently handle enquiries, quotations, negotiation of contract terms, contract signing and other matters according to the company's products, prices and market strategies. Coordinate and supervise the operation of all functional departments in the execution of the contract.
5. Grasp market price dynamically, provide market analysis and forecast report and weekly work report to the company regularly.
6. Maintained and developed new sales channels and new customers.
7. Collect first-line marketing information and user opinions, and put forward reference opinions on the company's marketing strategy, after-sales service, etc.


1. Environmental protection, instrumentation, industrial automation, marketing and other related majors; Sales experience is preferred. Welcome fresh graduates to practice in our company.
2. Strong learning ability and execution.
3. Have the ability of market analysis, marketing and promotion, good interpersonal communication and coordination skills, and the ability to analyze and solve problems;
4. Have a strong desire to sell and work hard.
5. The company mainly sells environment-friendly water treatment equipment and undertakes sewage system treatment projects.
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