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Water treatment engineer


Water treatment engineer

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1. Collect information on the site of water treatment project and carry out scheme design according to the on-site situation.
2. Make a list of requirements for sewage treatment equipment according to site conditions and schemes.
3. Assisted business personnel in technical exchange and negotiation of water treatment projects.
4. Guide the on-site installation and debugging of water treatment engineering equipment, and solve technical problems.
5. Fully understand the water treatment process and be able to draw and modify drawings independently.


1. Master degree or above, environmental engineering or water supply and drainage preferred, with more than 5 years of relevant working experience;
2. Have the certificate of grade ii construction engineer or intermediate engineer is preferred;
3. Have experience in implementing wastewater engineering projects in chemical industry, pharmaceutical industry, printing and dyeing industry, with no less than 20 successful cases;
4. Rich on-site experience, capable of dealing with emergencies;
5. Like innovation and challenge, strong sense of responsibility, leadership and teamwork spirit for work.
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