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Harbin Songbei Municipal waste water treatment


Harbin Songbei Municipal waste water treatment

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Harbin Songbei Municipal waste water treatment


Project type: aeration system renewal

Project process: CASS

Daily waste water treatment capacity: 100,000 tons/day

Construction time of aeration system: April 2018

Product type: HMT-65-1000 EPDM tube type membrane aerator

Product quantity: 4600 sets


This project belongs to CASS intermittent aeration process. The original aeration system is seriously blocked, and the aeration is uneven, and there are leakage positions on site, and the blower is suppressed, etc. The aeration effect cannot meet requirements. Our technical staff selected HMT-65-1000-EPDM tubular fine bubble diffuser through site investigation, proprietor requirements and actual situation.


From project finalization, program design, product production, site construction, and final project acceptance, it took 40 days to complete the transformation of 100,000 tons/day biochemical aeration system, which was highly recognized by the owner.


After the transformation, the aeration system is aerated evenly, the measured dissolved oxygen is 2.4-3.9mg/l, the single set of operating ventilation is 3.8m -4.6m /h, the daily sewage treatment capacity of the sewage plant is improved, and all sewage indexes can meet the requirements.


Providing efficient, stable, energy-saving and intelligent aeration equipment and system solutions to meet customer needs and solve customer difficulties is huanchuan's goal and lifelong mission.


Construction site:


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